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Cooperative Poseidonia - Ichthyic Tourism

The old stories and the most beautiful fables of yesterday and of today come from the sea.Tales about brave captains and ancient worlds’ heroes.The calm after the tempest comes from the sea as the hope after the castaway of whom hopes to sight a far away island.It is the kind of sea which bewitch us with its colours and good food’s opulence. The light and refined food decorates our tables and contributes to our daily well-being. It is directly from the sea that we have thought to give you the fresh and genuine taste of what is immediately fished.

FISHERMEN’S POSEIDONIA COOPERATIVE is born, in this way, from this idea. A place of 80 meters, near the sea and the village centre. It can host up to 120 people in a healthy and relaxed location. Forget the chaos of the cities and make you transport from the herbs and the flavours we proudly offer you in our comfortable local, with its blue colours as the sea and with our hearty welcome hot as the sun…

Our service and the quality of the products are the guarantee you will come back to visit us an other time. Try to believe!.. the gilded fillet of rhombus in crust of potatoes, the mythic tuna sandwich with sautéed vegetables and scamorza, the authentic and unique sea salad personally prepared and dressed from us. So excellent raw materials to be different from other ordinary take-away. The chef prepares courses for you with fresh and genuine ingredients which will be a real pleasure for the eyes and for the mouth. Carpacci, prawns, oysters, grilled fish, lobsters, sliced tunas.

These are some of the express dishes that will be exclusively cooked on demand to donate you really pleasant moments. The Poisedonia Ichthyic Tourism serves the best of the Mediterranean Sea on the table, cooked as the traditional Italian recipes request, with extravagant creative notes. The dining companions could choose from the bank some yet cooked dishes or from the school of fishes some fresh fish specialities that they want to taste. Everything is well prepared to satisfy every kind of palate, the most exigent and refined too!

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