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Cooperative Poseidonia - Fishing Tourism

We are real fishermen so we try to suggest and spread the culture of the sea, and to recover the old relationship between the man and his sea most of all for the people who live or go on holiday in a place as San Felice Circeo where it is necessary to be in contact with the sea to benefit the magnificence that surround us. The idea of the Fishing Tourism is born from this certainty. It is a recreational and didactic activity which consists in host tourists on board of the fishermen’s boats. They are people who do it as a job or as the passion of their own life.

Born in 1992, this activity Is one of the most innovative form of “responsible tourism” because it is able to combine the safeguard of the maritime ecosystem with the divulgation of the maritime culture. Indeed the small professional fishing is linked to the traditions and to the local culture, and it is based on the respect of the maritime domain. Living a day on board of the “Penelope” motorboat means sharing the respect for the sea and discovering its beauty and riches with the professional fishermen.

“Penelope” motorboat is 8 meters long and 2,60 meters large. It could host 6 people maximum, crew included.It is possible to organize wisecracks of fishing with nets, fishing lines, crow’s nests, excursions or simply take a walk discovering the Circeo’s promontory and its caves.

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